Daily RPA News 14 September 2018

Alliance between PwC and Kofax (Accounting Today)

PwC will start to deliver intelligent automation solutions to clients.

UiPath – on the 14th place of the Forbes 2018 Cloud 100 (Business Wire)

“<<Making the Cloud 100 for the first time, and to be ranked in the top 15, demonstrates the incredible trajectory of UiPath, not just as the leader in RPA but as an enterprise technology company,>> said Bobby Patrick, CMO of UiPath. <<We’re incredibly proud of our record growth and ability to accelerate the pace of digital transformation with automation for all types and area of business.>>”

Robotic Process Automation surpassing expectations (IT Web)

“Digital futurist Yokel Malik on Futuremonger.com concludes: <<With machine vision and speech recognition, artificial intelligence powered by data, analytics and decision-making abilities will become reliable enough to have RPA execute a series of complex and advanced tasks.>>”

AI Pioneers: 14 Companies to Watch (Tech Native)

UiPath is helping companies automate tasks regardless of the software they use. Legacy software, in particular, can be difficult to integrate into modern workflows. AI-powered software robots can handle any application designed for human interaction, including software that may have been written decades ago.

Robotic Process Automation and customer service (IT Web)

“Regardless of whether the client has come into the bank or the bank has gone to them, the onboarding process can be significantly improved through the implementation of an automated remote fulfilment (ARF) solution, which uses robotic process automation to enable faster and smoother processing of clients’ data. Holman says, <<By using ARF, we’re able to onboard a client in just seven minutes, compared to at least half an hour if one of our bankers does the process manually with a client who comes into the branch.>>”


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