Daily RPA News 18 July 2018

RPA doesn’t replace jobs, it enhances them (Bizagi Blog

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is increasingly being used by businesses to carry out basic, repetitive tasks that would ordinarily be carried out by humans, such as form-filling and calculations. With its promising ability to increase operational efficiencies, it’s not surprising that 92% of companies are aiming to adopt RPA by 2020.

Workshop on RPA discovery (Prolifics)

About eliminating repetitive work, producing new insights, increasing employee efficiency and streamlining tasks that couldn’t previously be automated. 

Robotic Process Automation in the insurance space (RPA Digest)

The RPA Industry is gaining high levels of growth (Digital Journal)

The industry for robotic process automation is estimated to develop to revenues worth USD 2,700 Million by the year 2023, while expanding at 29 percent CAGR between 2017 and 2023.

UiPath’s RPA Platform will provide federal agencies with enhanced financial process (Business Wire)

Kearney’s goal is to harness the power of UiPath’s digital workforce to save the Government both time and money.




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