Daily RPA News 7 September 2018

ssow robotic process automation

ITB Asia conference spotlights AI, biometrics, blockchain (TTG Asia)

“Troovo, a robotic process automation solutions provider, will also join ITB Asia to tackle the positive impact of virtualization and robotics for the travel industry.”

The beginning of UiPath (Venture Fizz)

From humble Romanian beginnings to one of New York City’s most impressive unicorns”

Robotic Process Automation is a Game Changer for Healthcare (LinkedIn) by Muhammad Siddiqui

“Organizations can benefit incredibly from Robotic Process Automation and its ability to improve the revenue cycle. Outdated systems often have to deal with a lot of changes and don’t integrate well with new techniques and systems. However, the adaptability of Robotic Process Automation completely takes care of this problem.”, says Muhammad Siddiqui.





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