Daily RPA News 11 October 2018

hybrid robotic process automation

System Innovation Romania partners with UiPath (Business Review)

“The company, the main provider of SAP Business One on the local market, signed a partnership to integrate software robots into business process optimization projects delivered to the local and international markets.”

German RPA provider Another Monday opens two branches in London and Paris (Real Wire)

“Another Monday’s solutions and methodology are specifically designed in Germany for the rapid deployment of scalable and secure RPA environments. Another Monday offers stable, reliable and easily customizable and extensible RPA technology, fast results and a positive return on investment (ROI).”

Robotic Process Automation in the context of AI (Tech Native)

“Using RPA tools, a company can configure software to capture and interpret data for processing a transaction, communicating with other digital systems, and much more. RPA is ideal for back office automation which, as a result, can free up employees to work on more creative tasks and increase their productivity.”

Legal Technology and RPA (The Lawyer)

Schroders head of operations Fiona Robb talks about robotic process automation.

Challenges in the way of Automation Progress (Tech Financials)

“To drive return on their automation investments, leaders need a bold vision and a clear roadmap to build momentum and bring the organization behind them.”


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