Daily RPA News 12 October 2018

robotic process automation report

Lithuania and Robotic Process Automation (Emerging Europe)

Anurag Srivastava, vice president at Everest Group about Lithuania: “It is rather a location where you’d support more specialised profile – e.g, a centre of excellence (CoE) on robotic process automation (RPA) or digital technology”.

Collaboration between Banca Transilvania and UiPath (Business Review)

Banca Transilvania launches new chatbots for its employees in collaboration with UiPath and Druid.

Robotic Process Automation Market Report (Open PR)

ISG offers RPA Insights at PEI Operating Partners Forum (Markets Insider)

“Automation is here to stay, and basic RPA is the first step in a journey that many enterprises have successfully launched,” said Wagner who is partner and president at ISG Business and Emerging.





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