Daily RPA News 17 July 2018

Software Robot Command Center

Where Is Your Bot Command Center? by Naveen Kumar Ramasamy

Rule-based RPA is getting commoditized and charting the path for knowledge-based RPA. However, many companies need to cross the chasm by having a clear strategy from discovering the RPA’ble opportunities to maintaining the deployed bots. Though the technology adoption is crucial for companies to gain a competitive edge, this is indeed more important for companies to focus more on what matters the most. (LinkedIn)

UiPath sets-up a full week of RPA Innovations (UiPath Blog

Starting on Monday, July 23rd, when industry experts will discuss top priorities, challenges, and best practices for both short- and long-term developments in RPA and AI.

RPA Innovation week includes 4 webinars – added to UpComing RPA Webinars.

UiPath awards its community for outstanding contribution to (UiPath Forum)

RPA Developer Skillset by Pavel Gimelberg 

In this article, I would like to share some thoughts about the skills needed to be a good RPA Developer based on my experience. Every so often I notice a bit of confusion about what it means to be an RPA developer, especially when many tools are claiming to be ‘no code’ or ‘low code’ solutions, which might be a bit misleading. (LinkedIn)




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