Daily RPA News 17 October 2018

about robotic process automation

ABBYY Technology Summit Recognized Top Seven Digital Transformations Using Intelligent Capture (Business Wire)

<<“The level of interest and enthusiasm at this year’s technology summit was outstanding as partners and customers actively engaged in sessions and discussions focusing on how to make RPA robots smarter using ABBYY solutions,” commented Ulf Persson, CEO at ABBYY.>>

Global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Market: Forecast, Trend Analysis, Competition and Growth Opportunities Till 2027 (Commercial Aviation 24)

Global Robotic Process Automation Market Share (2018-23): Blue Prism, Nice Systems, Pegasystems and Automation Anywhere (Daily Assessment)

Davies Turner and Robotic Process Automation (AP News)

“Davies Turner, one of the UK’s leading multimodal freight forwarding and logistics companies, won the 2018 Overall Digital Leadership Award from Ventana Research for its successful implementation of Kofax Intelligent Automation.”





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