Daily RPA News 17 September 2018

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Global Cognitive Robotics Process Automation Market Analysis to Reach $1,705.7 Million By 2024 (Sacramento Telescope)

The report helps the new entrants in the global Cognitive Robotic Process Automation Market to make planned decisions enhancing their businesses. It presents the deep analysis of the profits and loss statistics, item value, manufacturing abilities, distribution channels, and embracing classifications of the global Cognitive Robotic Process Automation Market.

ISG Study Reveals What It Takes to Become a High-Performing Bot 3.0 Company (Markets Insider)

“<<We see intense interest in robotic process automation (RPA) from enterprises looking to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase speed – all areas critical to competing in an increasingly digital economy,>> said Stanton Jones, principal analyst, ISG Research, and author of the study. <<The great news is that it’s easy to get started with RPA. Building a few bots to automate repetitive processes is not a major hurdle for organizations. What’s difficult is scaling automation across an enterprise.>>”

Classification of AI Technologies (Billionaire 365)



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