Daily RPA News 2 November 2018

robotic process automation report

MauBank and Robotic Process Automation (Gigabit Magazine)

“We were now ready to launch a unique mobile application to our customers that enables them to open accounts sitting in their homes using their National Identity Cards through technologies like OCR (optical character recognition) and RPA (robotic process automation).”, states Chief Information and Digital Officer Sudheer Prabhu.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Market –Trending Industry Insights 2018-2025 | CAGR, SWOT and Competitive Analysis, Growth Opportunities, Rise in Demand (Open PR)

Berkley Risk’s digital transformation of internal operations and customer journey (Gigabit Magazine)

“2019 will see Tran looking more closely at emerging technologies such as AI, RPA (robotic process automation), and additional predictive analytics.”



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