Daily RPA News 23 July 2018

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Robotic process automation and intelligent character recognition: Smart data capture Report (RPA Digest)

PwC highlights of the latest developments in the RPA industry.

Automation Anywhere will train Indian students in robotics (Business Standard)

Amit Aggarwal, CEO, IT/ITES Sector Skill Council of Nasscom says that “We predict RPA, as a category, can create new job opportunities in the range of 2,90,000-3,20,000 lakh over the next three years”.

Softomotive and process automation in finance departments (Tech HQ)

Bob Weare, chief marketing officer at Softomotive states that “software automation technologies are helping finance functions put their work on autopilot to achieve gains in personal, functional and business performance.”

The Global Robotic Process Automation Market Research Report 2018 is out (Market Gazette)

The report gives important vision on every market segment in terms of market size analysis for Robotic Process Automation across the different regions.

Comprehensive report on big data technology and service market (Latest Industry News)

The report by Future Market Insights presents the competitive scenario of the major market players based on the sales revenue, customer demands, company profile, the business tactics used in market which will help the emerging market segments in making vital business decisions.

Companies hiring in robotics automation right now (Silicon Republic)

Deloitte, PwC, EY and Fidelity Investments are just a few of them.

Digitization and anti-money laundering in Asia (Brink News)

Wayne Johnson, chief executive officer of encompass states that the focus now is on employing technology to streamline and improve compliance processes.













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