Daily RPA News 28 September 2018

Find out how you can enable robot assistants for employees (Consultancy)

It is not only the efficiency that is improved by the presence of a robot, the day-to-day tasks of employees also become more attractive. An employee can focus on primary processes that add value, without being distracted with more tedious administrative tasks that used to be an essential part of the job. Hence, the presence of robots can exponentially increase employee satisfaction within a company.

NEVA boosts employee productivity & contact centre performance (UC Today)

“According to NICE, NEVA is <<next level>> robotic automation. It’s neither an automation service or an attendant entirely, but a real-time supportive solution intended to help people as they work. <<It reacts to events, guides people, and allows employees to interact more productively.>>”

Pyramid Solutions and Robotic Process Automation (Business Insider)

“Pyramid Solutions helps organizations achieve desired outcomes and business objectives with dynamic case management, business process management, robotic process automation and advanced document imaging solutions.”


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