Daily RPA News – 29 November 2018

robotic process automation news

Kryon Partners with Automation Thought (Kryon)

IRPA will offer Kryon’s solutions as part of its consulting services.

Federal contractors and the need to adopt RPA (FedHealthIT)

“Currently, the Federal Government does not appear to be buying solutions, but does appear to be buying bodies from large integrators to access how and where AI/RPA can be used. Money isn’t being saved and it doesn’t appear that many problems have been solved using this approach. Federal contractors, for their part, appear to be sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens next, rather than developing AI/RPA outcome-based solutions that can be marketed directly to agencies.”

About Robotic Automation services across various Industries (Sastra Robotics)

Find out how PRA can improving employee safety, increasing productivity and much more.


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