Daily RPA News 3 August 2018

Blue Prism conference London

The “2018 Robotic Process Automation Product and Market Report” report (Markets Insider)

The report analyzes vendors, products, functional capabilities, pricing strategies, and more. It presents information about how these solutions are being used, their benefits, customer satisfaction, and best practices to help companies realize the greatest return from their investments.

Creating scalable RPA processes with Queueing by Richard Schoen (LinkedIn)

Inovative technique for scaling your RPA.

Planning for benefits from RPA by Joe Wheatley (LinkedIn

“When RPA is a strategic direction for a firm, which is more and more common, it can get investment from the top levels of business and organisations can build out solid development, project management and testing capabilities.” says Joe Wheatley.

Finance and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) by Jamie Black (LinkedIn)

The three characteristics generally associated with RPA, as described by Jamie Black:

  1. It does not require programming skills on the part of end users,
  2. It does not require complex, disruptive integration with existing systems,
  3. It is designed to be managed and even implemented by a business user.

Blending Salesforce and Robotic Process Automation by Kevin Wang (LinkedIn)

“I hope and believe that moving forward, the concept of RPA, as well as the entire spectrum of Artificial Intelligence, can be changed beyond what is simply available in the market and come to incorporate the work that I did for my internship.”, says Kevin Wang.




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