Daily RPA News 8 August 2018

KFH becomes first bank in Kuwait to use Artificial Intelligence in its operations (ZAWYA)

“KFH maintains its stronghold in the Kuwaiti banking space, with a groundbreaking move to integrate Artificial Intelligence into operations. This makes them the first financial institution to do so in the region.”

The RPA market is projected to reach 12100 Million US$ by 2025 (Business Statistics)

In terms of production side, this report researches the RPA capacity, production, value, ex-factory price, growth rate, market share for major manufacturers, regions and product type.

ISG Automation Summit will showcase strategic guidance with practical advice for implementing automation (PR NEWS WIRE)

Talks will focus on AI, Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation technologies and will include industry research, expert opinions and lessons learned from pioneers in the field.

Tech execs and the impact automation technologies are having on their organizations (CIO)

“With the governance of bots being measured through key performance indicators and reconciliations of data, it is important to understand when it is more appropriate to use a bot than a human and I think getting the mix right is essential,” Nicola Dorling says.

Robotic Process Automation: How to Drive Your Business Forward (Nintex)

“At Nintex, we believe that RPA has a crucial role to play in driving business forward. Although RPA can add value on its own, when used as part of the wider strategy of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), businesses can see serious benefits.”, says Haley Burton.








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