Daily RPA News 8 November 2018

robotic process automation news

Dimension Data Tech Trends 2019 Report (ITWeb)

In the report, group CTO Ettienne Reinecke claims that transformation projects will start coming to life thanks to the maturity of game-changing technologies like AI, machine learning and robotic process automation.

Abby launched the Abbyy FlexiCapture Connector in the UiPath Go! App store (TechCrunch)

The vendor has been looking into new ways to extend its traditional business model for quite some time now. They managed that by teaming up with UiPath and other robotic process automation companies.

RPA’s importance (IP Soft)

“RPA provides a business with a way to configure software or “robots” — more commonly called bots — to capture and interpret existing applications in order to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses or communicate with other digital systems. RPA could perform tasks such as automating email responses for a customer relations department, or installing and configuring applications on corporate hardware, or extracting information from an Accounts Payable system to generate a weekly report.”


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