Daily RPA News 1 August 2018

about robotic process automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and shared services centres (IT Brief Australia)

Reconciliations, transaction matching, inter-company eliminations and many other high volume, repetitive financial and accounting tasks which comprise the bread and butter work of shared services centers are all ripe for robotic automation.

Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals (Analytics Insight)

Benefits, what makes it different from IT Automation and economic outcomes of RPA implementation

Roboyo opens an office in New York City (PRWeb)

Jonathan Beard, Managing Director in North America states: “We can now locally provide innovative solutions to lower costs, increase quality and capacity.”

Autodesk has selected UiPath to assist with the digitization of the company (Business Wire)

Since deploying RPA in April, Autodesk has identified more than 100 processes and begun automating several in its finance department – driving significant efficiencies and greater innovation.

Deloitte has “formalised” its alliance with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider, Blue Prism (TechMarketView)

Deloitte has been working together with Blue Prism to implement RPA and AI solutions across a range of industries for a few years.




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