An AI Infused RPA product by Ipsoft, creators of Amelia.

1RPA, part of the 1Office suite.

Say no to manual automation and yes to 1RPA. Traditional RPA tools are difficult to install and require hours of manual labor to create BOTS. 1RPA is the first easy-to-use conversational RPA platform. Need to build an automation? Just talk to Amelia. There’s no need to write new code or structure data. Amelia understands what you want and creates your bot within┬áminutes. Why are you paying for every process? While other platforms charge you for every concurrent process we don’t.

Traditional RPA bots typically can only handle one task at a time and require additional software and licenses to scale up and run simultaneously. With 1RPA bots scale dynamically at no additional cost and according to your needs limited only by the amount of processing power you dedicate to them. And instead of paying per process just pay a flat fee or by you get more powerful flexible BOTS saving time and money. Business users shouldn’t have to learn RPA. Your RPA should learn your business. With natural language reading you RPA BOTS can parse and record any unstructured data you put in front of them just like a human would.

Organizing data for business processes and delivering the correct placements for automation one our PA does the work for you. There’s no need to limit your automations or learn structured formats. You can be up and running and creating more powerful and dynamic BOTS in minutes leveraging decades of AI experience one our PA works on any OS. And unlike traditional RPA tools 1RPA doesn’t require software agents to be installed.



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